Ultimate Guide to Online Casinos in Australia

Still wasting time and money going through trial-and-error selection of the best casino online? Well, as soon as you stopped at AustralianTopCasinos.com your tortures are over. Here, you will find a proven and thoroughly tested list of online casinos tailored for Aussie players and designed with gamblers in mind. Yes, finding a trustworthy online casino to play for real money is one hell of an effort today. With pretty much thousands of gambling places all over the Web and with new online casinos popping up every day, stopping at some particular one is not only hard, but risky as well. Playing at a casino online for real money without knowing its true nature is a game of chance itself too to some extent.

Top 10 Online Casinos in Australia

So, how do you pick a safe place to gamble if you are in Australia? Ask pros! At AustralianTopCasinos.com we gathered a solid team of gambling professionals; some of them are in the industry for years. What we do is testing and benchmarking Australian casinos online, carefully reading agreements and wagering terms, looking for the best no deposit bonuses all over the Internet and compiling the gathered information into a comprehensible and straightforward online casinos top-10 list. Yes, the casinos below are proven and safe to gamble, as we put our money and efforts into confirming the status of each and every single casino for Australian players available online.

670+ games
  • 4x deposit bonuses up to C$ 1,600
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650+ games
  • 3x deposit bonuses up to C$800
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600+ games
  • 100% Bonus on 1st Deposit
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280+ games
  • C$1500 Welcome package + C$30 FREE
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570+ games
  • 100% bonus up to C$350
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450+ games
  • 100% Deposit Match Bonus up to C$ 750
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200+ games
  • Welcome bonus up to C$400
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What are the best Australian online casino sites?

Despite what many casino resources say, there is no a definitive answer to this question. In fact, the answer depends on what you think is best. So, to build our safe online casinos list we evaluate multiple factors and measure everything that counts for inevitable characteristics of a really good casino. The main factors we consider are: casino’s age, legitimacy and friendliness; we check if the online casino offers decent no deposit bonuses; we double-check its legal status and wagering requirements; we control the casinos is safe and convenient for Australian gamblers; we check for ongoing promotions and special offers. Finally, we register an account at a casino, play some table games, pokies and roulette and then try to cashout.

As long as an online casino meets our standards and feels good at each of the above steps, we render our ultimate verdict. This is what we call the best online casino sites in Australia then.

Are you receiving money for reviewing casinos?

Yes and no. We are not affiliated with any online Australian casinos in any way. This means we don’t get money for delivering positive reviews of a given casino. Nor do we get any bonuses for diminishing one. Yet we do receive money for placing ads on our website and channeling interested visitors to casinos websites. That’s fair and is win-win for all three sides. You get an unbiased and detailed review for a given top online casino, the casino in turn receives a new gambler, and AustralianTopCasinos.com receives its commission for helping the first two meet each other.

Can Australians play in an online casino for real money?

Aussies are one of those happy nations who can enjoy all the best online casinos without having to worry about laws, legislation and such. Online gambling is purely legal in Australia, so the question isn’t about whether to gamble or not, but where to gamble. You can find the best online casino for Aussie players simply by reading this website and all of the online casino reviews we provide. Online casinos in Australia usually accept a range of depositing options including major credit cards, bank transfers and multiple e-wallets. The process is simple and safe, and our team ensures the casino won’t take too much commission or steal your entire deposit. We filter out such fraudulent casinos from our top-10 list to make sure everybody can play in a casino online for real money safely.

I am a newbie player, where should I start?

We are jealous. Seriously. It is such an exciting feeling when you dive into gambling for the first time. But there are certain rules you should remember when visiting best online casinos in Australia. Safe gambling is simple as long as you follow the best gambling practices and carefully read AustralianTopCasinos.com reviews. If you do, you can play in an online casino and enjoy the thrilling emotions and adrenaline while avoiding all the bottle-necks and hassles improperly chosen casinos can have.

Measure your available money

The first rule of a lucky gambler is: do not bet what you don’t have. Whether you play in a real casino or online, you should only bet what you can afford to lose. It goes without saying, bigger bets may result in bigger wins, but far more chances are you will lose everything. Don’t fall a victim of this beginner’s mistake. Play only if you enjoy the process and only if you can cover losses easily.

Hunt for no deposit bonuses

Almost any online casino in Australia offers some kind of no deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus is basically free money offered to you upon registration regardless of whether you put in some money off the bat or prefer to not depositing for now. That’s why it’s called “no deposit” after all. Huge no deposit bonuses mean you can gamble for free for longer and stabilize your stack before actually putting in some money. Also, with no deposit bonuses you can experience most of games the online casino offers and see if they play well or not. That’s a too good opportunity to miss.

Take care of payout and wagering rates

Don’t know, what payout and wagering are? Don’t worry, at AustralianTopCasinos.com you can find answers. Check out the articles section. For now, remember this: higher payout and lower wagering rates are good. The exact values roughly are 95% or higher for payout (basically, this means you will return 95% of you deposits as wins) and x25-x30 or lower for wagering multiplier (this is times you must cover your deposit before you can cashout).


Whether you are from Australia or not, rolling some reels online is a fun way to spend your free time. Of course, you want to get the most from this, so you’d expect the best services and excellent gameplay experience from an online casino in Australia you chose to play at. Now you’ve got a reliable and unbiased source of first-hand information, reviews and guides of real and online casinos.